The Party Planner Countdown to Christmas Checklist

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The party planner countdown to Christmas checklist

It’s the countdown to Christmas and all through the office, come the sound of your colleagues, voices raised in a chorus... “Can we please not have the office party in, like, the actual office again?!”

Look, we get it – the year runs away with you, filled with work and projects and deadlines and ups and downs... And before you know it, the Festive Season is upon you, and you remember that you’re actually the office party planner. But before you start ordering in polystyrene containers of soggy snacks and haul out last year’s office Christmas decorations, take a moment to breathe... Help is at hand! ZONE BOWLING’s Group and Corporate packages for Christmas office parties will make your life so much easier, and keep your colleagues smiling. We’ll check all the most important office party boxes, so you can just focus on practising your bowling technique and choosing the best bowling outfit on the night! Here’s what we cover:

Options to choose from

Our “Prancer” and “Rudolph” group and corporate Christmas party packages offer a choice of a two-game combination of bowling and/or laser tag, with a delicious bespoke menu for each option, including vegetarian and gluten free options. “Rudolph” adds a few extra nibbles and a welcome drink to the mix. You can add drink vouchers to either option to keep the crew hydrated through the night, too! It’s easy to review the options to make sure it suits your needs – simply contact a ZONE BOWLING event specialist with any questions.

Support from a ZONE BOWLING event specialist

Got a problem? Our in-house event specialists are ready to solve it – it is the Festive Season, after all! We’ll help you plan all the nitty gritty set-up details beforehand, sorting out attendance numbers, play logistics and menu options; troubleshoot any niggles on the night to make sure your office party goes smoothly and handle all the clean up after the last ball is bowled. Which means you don’t have to stress about anything but having a good time. (And keeping Fred from putting his back out while celebrating his first strike.)

Keeping the bank unbroken

The best thing about ZONE BOWLING’s group and corporate Christmas party packages? They’ll easily fit your budget! “Prancer” will set you back $50/person, while “Rudolph” adds some glamour at $65/person. Each option includes two games of either bowling and/or laser tag per person, as well as a range of delicious, fresh and easy-to-eat party snacks, customised for each package option. Think mac & cheese croquettes and mini beef nachos for “Prancer”, and Chipotle pulled pork sliders and mini mango meringues for “Rudolph”! Hungry, yet?

Having fun and making memories

The best thing about having your office Christmas Party at your local ZONE BOWLING? It’s no-pressure fun that will suit all your colleagues, both introverts and extroverts, offering options to make everybody happy. Since you don’t have to worry about planning, you can just focus on getting your team in the party spirit, ready for a Christmas Party that will go down in history – for all the best reasons!

So what are you waiting for? Add some prance to your step, choose your package option here, and get in touch with one of our ZONE BOWLING event specialists to get the (bowling) ball rolling. Oh, what fun!