The five 'types' of bowler at a work party


A work party is a great way to get together with your colleagues outside of work for some quality time - plus, it's a great way to strengthen team bonds and reward employees for a job well done.

Mingling with colleagues outside of 'work time' can be an interesting way to get to know their personality, and a ZONE BOWLING alley is the perfect venue to do so.

Take a look at these workplace stereotypes and see if you can identify them at your next bowling work party:

The 'problem-solver'

This office character is the one everyone turns to in a crisis or when they're lost for the answer to an important client demand. They're bursting with ideas and will always find a way to get you and your team out of a fix - and can generally turn the situation into a positive!

Problem-solvers are likely to bring their talents to a work party at the bowling alley. You'll see them weighing out a heavier ball to get that momentum flowing down the lane, or quietly adjusting their form if they experience a gutter ball.

The 'team leader'

Every workplace has work mates who like to take charge. You can count on them to take the lead on a fiddly new project and provide direction for colleagues - and this is no different at the bowling alley. You're likely to find team leaders filling out the scorecards, choosing team names, and organising who's playing who - all with a no-nonsense approach.

The 'team player'

Team players are great allrounders who love to see the whole group succeed. They're out for achieving goals as an entity, rather than just themselves. At a bowling work party, the team player is the one you'll find supporting their team mates with bowling tips, advice, and plain old encouragement. They'll get pretty enthusiastic when someone else from their team gets a strike - perhaps the perfect candidate for league bowling!

The 'peace-keeper'

These invaluable office members are fantastic at settling conflicts between more fiery personalities. Should colleagues go head to head in a fierce 'first to strike' battle, the peace keeper will be the one ready to make a lighthearted joke if things begin to get too heated!