The 4 annoying colleagues at your bowling work party


We all have those workmates we just can't seem to like, no matter how hard we try.

Whether it's because they talk too much or are just downright rude, there are certain types of people every office in Australia seems to have.

However, they aren't always that obnoxious, and in fact can be put to good use in the right circumstances.

Here are four annoying people you can find in any office - and how they can actually come in handy at your next ZONE BOWLING corporate party!

The joker

It's fine to see the fun side in everything, but the joker takes it a step too far. They can never resist busting out a quip or two, even in the most inappropriate of times.

If you're on the losing side of a team bowling event, however, their awful puns might be just the thing to pick the mood up - maybe they'll make a joke about how you were just 'bowled over' by the opposition!

The complainer

For the complainer, the hours are always too long, the deadlines are always too strict, and the kitchen sink is always too full.

Effective complaining is a skill that has to be mastered, however. If you find that the pinsetter isn’t working or your party food hasn't arrived, send the complainer to management to sort things out.

The office thief

There's always one person in every office who nicks your sandwich from the kitchen or helps themselves to your stash of paper clips.

Don't forget to bring them along to your bowling party though. They can come in handy when you want to 'borrow' some balls from the lane next to you!

The overly competitive

These people focus more on what others are doing instead of their own tasks, and work solely to make sure they're ahead of everyone else.

Does your work bowling team need a bit of motivation? The overly competitive type can be just who you need to spur your team on to victory at ZONE BOWLING!