Prize ideas for your ZONE BOWLING office party


Hosting your corporate party at ZONE BOWLING is a great way of bringing your staff together so they can let loose a little and show that they're not just 60-words-per-minute robots. Want to make the experience more valuable? Add some prizes.

Here are some award ideas to help you reward your staff's bowling skills.

Highest bowling score

For whoever scores the most points during your time at ZONE BOWLING, why not offer them a reward? This will help push your workforce into playing the game properly, add a little competitiveness to the evening and bring out all kinds of hidden personalities that you didn't know about, bonding your office together. For a prize, consider a shopping voucher, prepaid Visa card or ZONE BOWLING gift card.

Lowest bowling score

Sometimes you'll find your workers play more to golf scores than standard bowling practice. If this is the case, perhaps a small token of participation will help their disastrous efforts feel somewhat more worth it? A certificate would probably do, though a free drink at the bar wouldn't go amiss, either. Also consider a 'Best of the worst' trophy for someone who was at the top of the bottom, so those without any prowess at all can at least compete amongst themselves.

Greatest moment

You know that moment where someone messes up their bowl so astoundingly badly that by the sheer forces of chaos it knocks a strike down in another lane entirely? Why not reward the anarchy and help make it a more memorable moment, giving workers an ice-breaker for weeks to come? Gift cards would be appropriate, as would a small bar or food tab.

Most style

Combining both dress sense and overall levels of bowling swagger, a prize for the most stylish player could bring out a strange, though most definitely humorous, other side to even the staunchest of workers. Want to see Dave from marketing show off his out-of-work madness? Get the man a bar tab!