Planning the perfect team Christmas party | ZONE BOWLING


After a long year of meetings, deadlines, late nights at the office and (hopefully) a few big successes on the commercial side of things, no workplace needs an excuse to cut loose at Christmas. Whether you're working in construction, accounting or something a bit more left of field, you and your team deserve the chance to have some real fun, and as far as we're concerned there's only one rule - leave work behind. 

Don't be one of those offices that makes people stay late for a few light beers around the water cooler. Get out and have some fun! It is the holidays after all, so what better place to celebrate then at your local ZONE BOWLING centre (Santa costumes optional, but highly encouraged).  

Get sorted for Christmas early

Unlike most parties, Christmas events are something that everybody is trying to organise at the same time. As a result of this, it's pretty common for venues to get booked out months in advance. If you want a shot at the best location, September is when you should start thinking about planning and locking in your event. 

You also shouldn't assume that people will be free just because it's the holidays. Set a date early and send an email around the whole company so that everybody can keep the slot free. 

Make it unique

Of course we've already talked about getting out of the office, but even at ZONE BOWLING you can still spice things up further by making the occasion your own. Got a favourite TV show that nobody can stop talking about? Sounds like a theme to us! 

You can also organise competitions or gift giving. Secret Santa is a classic, and it also means that nobody has to spend too much of that holiday bonus! 

Wrap it in a package

As the time for presents, Christmas is all about packages, and that goes double here at ZONE BOWLING, with two different types of celebration - The Rudolph and The Prancer packages. Each of these contains a raft of different goodies, ranging from welcome drinks on arrival right through to delicious food and even a few bon bons! 

And finally there are all the familiar fun activities that are always on offer at ZONE BOWLING. Bowling, arcade and laser skirmish are great fun at every time of the year, so get in quick and secure your spot on the alley, in the arena and on that classic video game. 

For more information on planning the perfect work Christmas party, contact ZONE BOWLING today.