Oh What Fun!


‘Tis the season for prancing!

Say sayonara to stale Christmas Parties and hello to Festive Fun at ZONE BOWLING!

The Festive Season can be a challenging time for those of us beavering away in our office cubicles, surrounded by the sound of clacking computers and sighing colleagues... No matter how hard we may try to get into the spirit of jolliness, one scraggly piece of red tinsel draped over Fred the mangy Office Plant does not a party make!

Not to mention the moody mutterings wafting from the general direction of the Office Grinch: “festive” is a word that shall never pass his lips. (But he probably won’t say no to some of the emergency office sherry, thank you very much).

If you are your company’s official party planner and at your wits’ end as to how to get the office party started while keeping everybody happy, ZONE BOWLING is your solution. ZONE BOWLING’s Group and Corporate Party Packages are designed to make any office party planner’s life easier, whether you need a Christmas Party solution or just a spot of team building. And it’s easy to convince your colleagues, too – just ask them these questions...

Question 1: So, team, does anybody feel like decorating the office this year?

This is a trick question: NO-ONE feels like having an office party on site! Cake crumbs in the office carpet, sad paper plates filled with limp lettuce and tear-soaked serviettes, having to clean the sticky kitchen space afterwards... Just no. Once your team have groaned in horror, turn the tables: suggest heading to ZONE BOWLING for a spot of bowling with an added touch of laser tag, minus the mops and drama of set-up and clean up.

Question 2: How’s your hay fever, Bert?

Having your office party at ZONE BOWLING is practically a tax-deductable health benefit: it saves employees from the stuffy, dust-filled halls of gainful employment and transports them to the energised atmosphere of their closest ZONE BOWLING. It’s the perfect way to recharge your team, and subtly get them to limber up with some beneficial stretching before rolling balls around. All those show-off bowling moves are good for something after all...

Question 3: Becky, are you hungry?

Great food is a must at any office party – and you have to make sure that there’s enough of it to keep even the hungriest colleague satisfied. ZONE BOWLING’s Group and Corporate “Prancer” and “Rudolph” packages cater for all tastes and appetites, with “Rudolph” adding an extra welcome drink to the fun.

Question 4: Say, Matt, are you and Jenny still mad at each other...?

By the end of any working year, long-simmering tensions between colleagues might be ready to erupt. Defuse the situation: pit office frenemies against each other in the laser tag arena, or have them compete for bowling bragging rights. We guarantee all smiles come the end of the evening!

Question 5: Finance Guy, have you heard about this great deal...?

Last but not least: ZONE BOWLING’s “Prancer” and “Rudolph” group and corporate Christmas party packages are great value for money. A flat fee per head includes your play and a super-yummy menu, with various optional add-ons to seal the deal. All this without breaking the bank – no wonder Finance Guy is loosening the purse strings!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our group and corporate Christmas Party packages here, and head to ZONE BOWLING for a memorable night out!