Memories you could make at your next bowling party


Ten pin bowling makes for an exciting adult party idea, especially at ZONE BOWLING. Bowling is the quintessential social sport, where you can gather with your mates, have a drink and some food, and launch deceptively heavy balls down an impeccably shiny lane to (theoretically) hit the pins. Of course, things don't always work out the way you plan. Getting a strike seems easy if you do the math, but actually achieving this feat is something else entirely.

Along the road to bowling party success, all manner of stories can occur. Here are some of our favourites - join us for your next event and you can make your own, too!

The accidental lefty trick shot

A bowler on product review site Ball Reviews shared his story about a lefty called X. X went to bowl as per usual, but accidentally flung the ball down the gutter (a classic tale in itself). However, rather than relegate his score to a measly zero, fate had other ideas. A pin had become stuck in the gutter of this particular alley, and the ball struck it at high speed, bounced over the barrier and into the adjacent lane, knocking down its pins instead!

Who needs the ball?

Our second story is from website Bowling Fans. A coach from England was playing with his brother (each had their own lane), and used a lightweight ball in order to gain maximum speed. On this occasion, he fired a shot off so fast that it "exploded" the pins, sending one of them flying into his brother's lane and eliminating four of his pins, too. If only it was a strike, huh?

Your own stories

Will someone drop the ball on their partner? Will your best friend roll their shot backwards and somehow get a strike? Will your parents have the bumpers up but still manage a gutter ball? Come on down for a bowling party adventure at ZONE BOWLING and find out.