It's not too late for a mid winter Christmas party!


If you bump into someone who lives in or is from the Northern Hemisphere, they might start up a conversation with you about what it is like to have a summer Christmas here in Australia. Our December months are literally a ray of sunshine, as we spend days on pristine beaches or enjoying a backyard barbecue.

Christmas parties tend to be more summer soirees than winter wonderlands for us, which is all the more reason why having a mid-winter Christmas work party is an enticing offer for staff. You can actually feel the chill in the air as you dress up in red, white or green clothes and head over to your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre for the corporate function.

We are almost in August, but it's not too late to organise a mid-winter bash! This is a great way to boost staff energy and enjoyment, giving them a little pick me up to keep forging ahead and working hard for the rest of the year.

Here are some top ideas to make your Xmas work party even better.

1) Host a Secret Santa present swap 

Set a budget that your team of colleagues is comfortable with, and enjoy guessing who got whom what crazy present this time around. 

2) Dress up in Christmassy clothes

Who says wearing tinsel in your hair can't be a fashion statement? Maybe you're more of a Santa hat kind of person. Perhaps wearing a fake beard is more your forte. No matter what you choose, enjoy the jolly times and laugh a 'ho ho ho' as you smash out strikes on the bowling lanes. 

3) Have a reindeers versus elves bowling contest

Split people into teams to make the bowling an opportunity for some competitive fun. If your office appreciates some humour, make it a rule that the losing team either has to wear their reindeer ear headbands or elf ears for the whole next week. No more boring Mondays!