Icebreakers for your next corporate bowling party


When you work with a small group of people, the corporate Christmas party can be a friendly and intimate affair. However, if your office has more than 10 people, most of whom wouldn't speak to each other on a daily basis, you might be in for some awkwardness.

To prevent this, organise a few icebreakers beforehand. These fun conversation starters are bound to have your staff chatting like old friends in no time.

Human bingo

Instead of numbers like you'd have in regular bingo, these cards will be covered in people's facts or stories. Squares could have things like 'I have broken a bone', 'I have never had a speeding ticket' or 'I still watch the Simpsons.' Avoid squares with objectives that can be achieved simply by looking at someone (i.e. 'I have long hair') as these don't encourage people to talk to each other.

Once the cards are sorted, give one to each staff member. They can cross squares off when they find someone that it applies to. The person who fills out their entire card (or even just a line) the fastest, wins.

The catch? You can't use one person twice!

Talking heads

You'll need a sharpie and a pad of Post-it notes. On each note, write down a famous person or character. Either choose a genre, such as historical figures or pop singers, or make it random.

Each partygoer will then receive a Post-it note, which they must stick onto their forehead without looking at what it says. The aim of the game is to find out who you are by only asking other people yes or no questions.

Laser tag

Nothing says "nice to meet you" like brutally shooting someone with a laser beam. Celebrate your victory (or defeat) with a drink at our well-stocked bar with your teammates afterwards.