How to host a murder mystery party at ZONE BOWLING


A survey of 700 people by found that almost 20 per cent of staff disliked office work outings. When Christmas parties are perceived to be more a chore than a fun group event, it's important that you put effort into making the event as memorable and engaging for your staff as possible.

ZONE BOWLING has the perfect solution - hire out one of our function rooms, don your deerstalker caps and figure out whodunit with a Christmas-themed murder mystery party!

How does it work?

These events require guests to solve a murder, in this case, the murder of Santa Clause. Was it the reindeer because they resented the sleigh-labour? Or Jinglebuns, lord of the Elf Union, who secretly wanted to rule Christmas? It's the party's job to find out.

All you need to get started is an idea of how many people will be attending your function and a party kit. These kits are found easily online and can be tailored for the number of guests you'll have. Attendants will receive an invitation and a letter that will explain the background of the story and give them their character details, including what they should wear. They are not allowed to share this information with anyone unless the letter specifies.

Get in costume and stay in character

Now the real action begins. As your guests mingle amongst themselves, enjoying delicious ZONE BOWLING foods such as gourmet burgers and pizza, they must dig for information. A snide comment here, a suspicious story there and everything will begin to fall into place.

Part of the fun of an event like this is a high level of commitment to the role. Include prizes for best costume and best performance - but don't let Mrs Clause's sobs fool you into ruling her out as a suspect. She's hiding something, you just need to figure out what. Find your murderer then finish the night of with a game of ten pin bowling or laser tag. The office won't be able to wait until next year's party.