How to host a Melbourne Cup themed bowling party


With Melbourne Cup season in full swing, even the most unenthusiastic of us will be feeling the festive spirit. Whether you're a racing fan or not, any opportunity to dress up and act posher than you know you really are is a lot of fun. Make like Lana del Rey and head off to the races, (or rather, the bowling alley), with these tips for a Melbourne-Cup-themed adult party at ZONE BOWLING.

Racehorse names

A quick skim of the horses taking part in this year's race will tell you that, for whatever reason, racehorse owners give their animals some very strange monikers. Notable names include Trip to Paris and Who Shot Thebarman. If you look back further and expand your scope to include the Kentucky Derby, you'll find names like Red Hot Filly Pepper and Hoof Hearted (say it three times really fast and you'll understand).

In honour of this equine tradition, encourage each member of your party to choose a racehorse name for themselves. If you're feeling particularly brave, you might even want to let the rest of the group pick out each other's names. Think Better Lane Than Never, Right Up My Alley or Under the Influence (we've all got that one friend). You're bound to have some embarrassing memories and old inside jokes rear their heads!

Once you've sorted out the names (we recommend a racehorse name generator if you're really struggling), let each person take turns running commentary as the other team bowls. See who can use each player's horse name in the funniest way.

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking

Fashion is a huge part of the Melbourne Cup festivities, so don your quirkiest, most creative spring-time outfit. For women, this means summery dresses in bright colours and the iconic fascinator or wide-brimmed hat. Men will want their most dapper suits with fun cuff links or statement ties and shirts.

Alternatively, you could treat this theme as a parody. Unnecessarily ostentatious canes and flamboyantly patterned suits should all make an appearance. Anyone who has ever seen a picture of or has been to the races knows that creative head pieces are all the rage. Organise prizes for the partygoers with the funniest, most exaggerated fascinators and hats. It might be worth keeping an extra silly hat or two for the neigh-sayers who don't come in costume.

If you're not a formal-wear-at-the-bowling-alley kind of person, you might prefer to dress as a jockey instead. Bonus points for that one guy you know will come as a horse. At the very least, a jockey and a horse squaring off at ten pin bowling will make for a memorable photograph.