How Family Members will use the ZONE BOWLING Gift Card


a ZONE BOWLING gift card is one of the most versatile pressies you can give someone. No matter who they are, there’s something in it for everyone. Don’t believe us? Here’s what’ll happen after your lucky gift recipient rips open the wrapping paper and finds the treasure inside. Of course, every clan is different – but you’ll know who we’re talking about …

Your competitive uncle will hit the laser tag

There’s nothing like a bit of simulated warfare to bring out the alpha in a person, especially if they can pretend we’re living in a combat-fuelled future or doing Predator-style battle in a prehistoric jungle. The fun-loving uncle who tries to cover your eyes during a FIFA match or “accidentally” sees your cards during a family game of 500 will be champing at the bit to assert his military dominance in the area of laser-based skirmish. Just watch out if he turns up in warpaint yelling: “Get to the chopper!”

Your Happy Days-obsessed mum will go bowling

She’s always talking up rockabilly romance, and her favourite movies are Grease 2 and The Big Lebowski. If she had a time machine, she’d be back in the 1950s dancing up a sock-hop storm and sharing a milkshake with some dreamy-eyed boy. And when it comes to her favourite pastime, your mum has spent ages perfecting that graceful leg slide as she sends a 7kg rock straight down the alley for yet another strike. There is only one way to even up the scores – bumper bowling. Or buying her a glass of wine or three.

Your manchild dad will be all over the arcade games

Some blokes never grow up and your dad’s eyes will glaze over when he recalls grabbing a stack of 20c coins to pump into the arcade machines after cycling to the bowling alley as a kid. The games are way more advanced these days, but that feeling of dominating a cabinet is timeless. Once he’s taking on all-comers at the air hockey table or strapped in behind the wheel of a Daytona machine, you’ll be hard-pressed getting him out.

Your ravenous teenager will blow it all on food and drink

Yeah, they might be interested in knocking down some pins, firing off a laser gun and/or clocking the arcade games, but biology and metabolism will lead your teenager straight to the food and beverage area to fuel those ever-growing cells of theirs. With delicious offerings ranging from Italian meatball sliders to Nutella pizza (plus a Coke or milkshake to wash it down), you might be tempted to steal from their plates, as well. Just watch your fingers!

While they’ve all got their own personalities, one thing you can be sure of is that no matter who you give the gift card to, they’ll love it.

So if you want to uncover the real person behind those mild-mannered family faces, just wrap up a gift card and watch the personality emerge!