Hola, amigos! Have a Mexican theme bowling party at ZONE BOWLING


It won't matter if you are planning a childrens' birthday bash or a more formal work party, a Mexican theme is one of those fun-for-all ideas that will please both the young and the young at heart. 

Here we take a look at how to bring the vibrancy and fun of a Mexican theme to your next ZONE BOWLING event. Muy bien!

Dress the part, amigos

Ask all the guests to come to the party wearing a sombrero or poncho. Challenge them to bowl on the lanes with these beauties on, balancing the enormous hats as they charge down with the bowling ball. Now, the pins that get knocked down after a strike are a similar curvaceous shape to maracas - a favourite Mexican musical instrument. Take some maracas along so guests can shake them to their heart's content whenever a strike is achieved. 

Comida, come to me 

In Spanish, or Espanol, the word for food is comida. Here at ZONE BOWLING, our scrumptious new menus have the perfect meal option for your Mexican party - the Amigos Tasting Plate. With mild Mexican beef and beans, flavoured with tomato salsa, topped with a generous serving of guacamole and finished with a Mexican cheese sauce, you'll all be clicking your fingers and shouting 'ole!' It's served with crispy tortillas and corn chips for the ultimate fiesta. 

Speak the lingo, senor 

Impress everyone with your linguistic skills by busting out some Spanish sayings as you celebrate the event. If you're hosting a birthday, be sure to wish the guest of honour 'feliz cumpleanos'. As for parading like a peacock after you do well in Laser Skirmish or win a great score on the arcade machines, say some happy phrases such as 'todo bien' which translates to 'all good', or 'felicitaciones' (congratulations) if you want to wish the others well done for their efforts.