Ease new employee jitters at the bowling alley


Starting a new job can be frightening for newly-hired employees. The unfamiliar environment, new faces and demands of learning what's required of you is enough to make anyone anxious - and some new employees can find it difficult to fit in with the existing crowd.

That's why it's a great idea to hold a corporate party outside of work hours. The relaxed atmosphere and loosening of formal boundaries at a location other than the office is a great way to introduce new colleagues to the whole team - and a ZONE BOWLING alley is the perfect location!

Not only is bowling a low-pressure activity that anyone can play, it's also loads of fun. Let your employee join a team of friendly colleagues and encourage them to get to know those in their team. It'll be hard not to in such a fun environment - plus, any bowling mishaps could turn out to be a fantastic ice breaker!

Fun games are a great way for your new employee or employees to get acquainted with their new colleagues. Trying to fit in during office hours can be difficult with everyone focused on their own work, so taking the actual 'work' aspect out of the equation is a great start.

Why go to such effort to ease the nerves of a new employee, you may ask? According to the Northern Territory Government, making an employee feel welcome is directly related to decreasing the amount of anxiety they feel about a new role. As a result, the employee may be more productive and benefit the business as a whole.

Aside from business benefits, a corporate party at the bowling alley is simply a great way for colleagues (not just new employees) to unwind after a long day. It's fun, it's competitive, and everyone's bound to have a great time - so book a work party at your local ZONE Bowling alley today!