Bowling tips for people in wheelchairs


Here at ZONE BOWLING we emphasise that bowling is a fun, accessible sport for everyone. Note: everyone.

Even though you or a loved one of yours might a wheelchair user, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sport. In fact, whether you're joining in the fun at an office corporate party or spending time with your family, accessibility doesn't have to get in the way of a good experience.

Here are some tips to help you get excited.

Bowling in a wheelchair

Depending on your level of upper-body physical ability, you can still bowl without the aid of a ramp. Though, for many, the three-step approach is a crucial part of the bowling swing - as a person in a wheelchair, you will need to just rock up to the foul line and pop the brakes on.

Position yourself to the left of the centre arrow, so your ball will be rolled down the middle (later you can teach yourself to hook, but for now try going central). If you're left-handed, park on the opposite side.

As you won't have height to use gravity for your swing, you'll need to use your strength to push the ball out in front of you, higher than usual. Swing back, leaning down towards the floor and release! 

If you're skilled, or lucky, you could be like George Holscher, who in 2012 became the second person ever to score a perfect 300 from a wheelchair!

When in doubt, use a ramp

Of course, if you struggle to lift the ball, or simply don't want to try and learn to bowl in the above style, you can always utilise a bowling ramp. These ramps are designed for people in need of assistance, and they could make the game a lot simpler (and funner) for you.

Grab the ramp, place it over the central arrow, pop your ball at the top and push!