Bowling down the barriers: Tips for great team building activities


What better way to strengthen your employees' relations and boost their morale than with a fun corporate party?

The opportunities are endless for what your company can do in terms of team building activities, but there are some key tips to help any work party go off without a hitch.

Identify your goals

Firstly, you should have a clear goal in mind about what your team building activity sets out to achieve. Sure, you don't need a reason to head down to a ZONE BOWLING for some team bowling fun, but if it serves a productive purpose - even better!

Is it to help a new work team gel together? Or to celebrate reaching a milestone? Make sure you let everyone know what the activity is all about.

Find something that suits everyone

One of the most important factors of a good team building exercise is finding something that is all-inclusive. You certainly don't want anyone feeling left out of the team!

If you're planning a sporty team building event, it can be hard to decide on something that suits all fitness levels. However, bowling is a sport that can be played by practically anyone, with a range of ball weights and the gentle motions involved, everyone in the office can get a good workout.

Put your own spin on it

To keep everyone engaged and interested, you should try to make your team building activity unique.

Bowling is great fun no matter how it's played, but it's easy to come up with ways of adding your own touches to it. For example, why not try mixing up teams with members from different departments? You might see an interesting new dynamic at work.

Keen to get the ball rolling at your next work function? Bring your team down to a ZONE BOWLING for a night of fun team building!