A team building game your staff will love, and one they won't


Anyone who has worked in an office for a period of time likely already knows how dull, silly or embarrassing team building activities can be. When management says, "Alright, let's all sit in a circle", there's likely not a face in the office which enjoys that seating arrangement.

Let's take a look at a team building games to help build office friendships - and one that probably won't.

A team building game that staff will love

According to the Queensland government, team building is important because it opens communication between management and staff, and helps to cement the relationships between these parties. So to get everyone communicating, pop them in light-up battle vests and encourage them into one of our favourite team building exercises: Laser Skirmish.

They will battle their way through darkened alleys, lasers darting overhead as they scramble to flank the enemy. With a bit of planning, you could easily work team tactics into the fray, making sure everyone talks to each other.

If that doesn't take anybody's fancy, try a game of bowling instead. This is a sport that anyone can get into, no matter their age or physical ability. 

A team building game that staff likely won't love

Have you ever endured a ropes course? Some companies challenge their employees to rigorous endurance training, where they must work together and motivate each other to clamber over obstacles, swing across muddy pits and possibly even build some kind of raft. 

The problem is, this particular type of game is not accessible to every member of the team. Some people physically can't swing on a rope, and perhaps even fewer can climb a wall. Or at least climb a wall and enjoy it. 

And that's not even mentioning 'sit in a circle' games where you have to talk about yourself or do something weird. Make your team building fun this year with a trip to ZONE BOWLING! We're sure the staff will be talking about it for ages.