5 activities to make any Christmas party a hit


By their very nature, Christmas parties are usually a great time. It's the end of the year and everybody relishes the opportunity to blow off a little bit of steam. That's where the Christmas function comes in, providing your entire company's workforce with the opportunity to spend a bit of time together outside the office and have a great night. 

So, how can a business ensure that their party is one to remember? Well, these five fun activities are a great place to start!

1. Create memories

Thinking back to school formals, one of the most popular parts of the night was the opportunity to take photos. These snaps would invariably end up on the mantelpiece, providing a great way to remember the occasion by. There's no reason you can't do the same with your office parties, so hire a photographer or bring along a decent camera and make sure to get snaps of everybody in front of a great backdrop. 

2. Set a dress code

As adults, we don't get as many opportunities as we used to when it comes to dressing up - and no, formal wear doesn't count after weeks at the office wearing a suit! Instead, make your Christmas party and excuse to get a little weird by setting a theme. If it can be a twist on your line of work, (think, zombie accountants or retro doctors), even better!

3. Don't forget the gift giving

What separates a Christmas party from all the other types of functions that you might go to during the year? The holiday spirit! And a key component of that is Christmas gift giving. This is absolutely essential to an end of year function, so don't leave it unplanned. Gifts don't have to be expensive, and organising a secret Santa with a firm budget cap is a great way to give your occasion a focal point once everybody's had a few drinks. 

4. Classic party games

After a long year at the office, it can sometimes be difficult to remember that your co-workers were once young. To remind you all of what it's like to be carefree and childish, bringing out a classic party game like pass the parcel is always a great idea - and as an added bonus it ties in great with the gift giving theme of Christmas. 

5. Don't forget the bells and whistles

While your work Christmas party may not be a substitution for the big holiday itself, there's no reason you can't bring along a few of the classic activities that we all know and love. We're talking Christmas crackers, paper hats and perhaps even a pint of eggnog. It all contributes to the festive spirit of things and will show the staff how much they are valued as part of an office family.