4 puntastic dress themes for your work bowling party


If you could name one thing that goes great with any bowling work party, what do you think it would be? If you answered 'booze' then you're wrong ... and you might have a problem. The undeniable champion when organising a corporate bowling event is dress themes! Especially dress themes that are riddled with puns. Here are four puntastic ideas to get the ball rolling.

Bowler Hats and Pinstripes

Yes it's Charlie Chaplin meets the Victorian-era English working man's fashion. Your colleagues and employees get to dress in their Sunday-finest, so long as that finest looks like something out of a Mafia movie. Throw on a bowler hat, draw on a little square moustache with a sharpie and your pins are all set.

Strike force

A wonderful theme that is somewhat open to interpretation. Shall you dress as part of a military strike force team, decked to the nines in camouflage and pouches? Do you foresee yourself as a member of Strikeforce, the mixed martial arts organisation in the United States? Or perhaps you'll spare some thought for the realms of cosplay and investigate Japanese anime such as Skysurfer Strike Force? The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination! 

Spare Change

Bring that old jacket out of the wardrobe and try not to breathe in the mothball smell. Then strap on that plastic mask you bought and pretend you look amazing (you don't). With this theme you can wear whatever you want so long as you pay for it with spare change! Time to hit the second-hand shops.

Delaney who?

This a favourite. You have to dress as anything to do with the name 'Delaney'. Are you Damien Delaney, the Irish soccer player? Or are you more of a John Delaney, the United States politician? Figuring out who to go as is almost as fun as identifying who your colleagues are! 

Think you have better punny themes? Share your own ideas in the comments below!