3 ways to reward your staff at Christmas


Regardless of what industry you and your coworkers are in, there's no doubt that Aussies across the nation work incredibly hard, and after a long year at the office, we all deserve a reward of some sort. Fortunately, there's an occasion dedicated specifically to that - Christmas!

Whether you're giving your employees a monetary reward, extra time off or simply throwing a party for the ages, rewards are important, and can set the tone for all that comes in the next year of business. So, how can employers and managers really make sure their staff feel valued? Well the answer comes down to providing a personal touch, and in this article we'll look at three creative, custom ways to thank everybody at the office for all their great work. 

1. Throw a party!

Hosting a work Christmas party is one of the best ways to get an entire workplace together celebrating the end of a productive year. There are a few tricks to making this a really special night, ranging from choosing the right venue (the office doesn't count) through to picking a theme and having fun activities like Secret Santa gift giving. All it comes down to is making sure that the entire company gets to spend some quality time together and enjoy complimentary food and drink. But to make this a roaring success you'll need to throw in the personal flourishes. 

2. Bonuses or gifts

A lot of workplaces have a tradition of Christmas bonuses, where employees get rewarded based on their contribution during the year. Now we understand that not every company can afford to throw lavish sums of money around, but that doesn't mean gifts can't be given. As with the Christmas party, the secret to making employees feel valued is a personal touch. Even if the gift itself is inexpensive, choosing something that employees will actually enjoy makes them valuable and a huge boost to morale. 

3. Continue the gifts after Christmas

So far we've focused pretty heavily on things that you can do at the end of the year, as you staff will be finishing up 2016's work and preparing for a well-earned break - even if that's only for a few days. This is fantastic, but what's not so easy is coming back to the office over the first few day of January. To make this process a bit easier, consider throwing a second 'welcome back' event, or getting small gifts for everybody on the first day back. Even if this is just a round of coffee and muffins in the morning, it will make the transition out of holiday mode a lot easier. 

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