3 reasons your work Christmas party should be fancy dress


Okay, so you're in the process of organising the end of year office party, and there are a few different questions you need to ask yourself. Which venue will provide the most fun? How can you reward your staff for their hard work? What day will work for everybody? 

These are all important questions to answer, but there's one that stands head and shoulders above them all - should it be a dress up party? Of course the answer is yes. You know it. You can feel it deep in your bones. Let's take a look at three reasons the Christmas party simply has to have a fancy dress code. 

1. It takes the pressure off

After a year of showing up to the office in formal wear, the Christmas party can be hard to navigate without some guidance. Should people dress smartly, or is it an opportunity to let loose and get the board shorts out? To avoid everybody showing up in different levels of formality, it's much easier to simply set a theme or style. That way, nobody has to worry about being over or underdressed. 

2. It makes the event unique

For most workplaces, Christmas isn't the only time where staff get together for a few drinks and a good time. In fact, most offices have plenty of functions throughout the year, whether at work or simply heading down to a local bar. The end of the year is slightly different, representing a chance for something special. Don't let it pass like just another Friday night. Get your staff dressed up and celebrate a year of hard work in style. 

3. It's... fun! 

Surely this is obvious, but maybe not for the reason you're thinking. Yes, dressing up as a vampire is, by its very nature, fun, but having a fancy dress code also opens up a range of different ways to host your event. You can go crazy with decorations, transforming your venue into a completely bizarre or amazing fantasy location. Similarly, themed food and drink, or quirky party games are all great options that can give the occasion something completely unique. The more creative your theme, the longer people will remember the night!

And there you have it. Three reasons why every office party at the end of 2016 should be fancy dress. If you still haven't booked a venue, be sure to get in touch with ZONE BOWLING today