3 reasons why your company should go bowling


Bland cocktail sausages, half-baked pies and even drier conversation are often what comes to mind when thinking about work events - but getting together with workmates shouldn't be a chore. A corporate party needn't be a drag if you choose a fun and engaging bowling-themed do - the sport provides a lively way to connect and compete with colleagues. 

1. Team spirit

Bowling is an ideal party choice for a work function as it allows for groups both big and small to have a fantastic time and work together. The sport is an easy and effective way to get your daily dose of exercise as well as allowing for some equally healthy competition between teams. Pit departments against each other to see who will come out triumphant - and give yourselves a lot more to talk about than just the weather back at the office water cooler.

2. Pocket-friendly

ZONE BOWLING has a range of packages on offer specifically for corporate guests. Start your next work event with a bang without breaking the bank and remember we can also put on catered food and our venues have licensed bars, meaning that the fun is all in one place. Have something to eat and drink and then head on down to the lanes to battle it out with your workmates, all without the worry of tight budgets affecting fun.

3. Unique

While many of us have fond memories of going bowling during childhood, don't let kids have all the fun - bowling is a perfect way to capture the nostalgia and get the group together sharing anecdotes from their past. Also allowing for the opportunity to dress up to extend the novelty of the occasion, bowling is an activity where we can all let our hair down and forget about upcoming deadlines and meetings. Many work functions hire out bars, clubs or restaurants for a special event but how many people can say they hit a strike with their workmates? You can, if you choose ZONE BOWLING for your next work party venue!