3 quotes you will hear at an EOFY party at ZONE BOWLING


There's always a lot of banter around an office. Whether someone has gone for a totally new haircut or there was a major upset in the footy over the weekend, it's always a good show of morale when employees are able to share some banter and keep spirits high. 

Of course, banter in the office can be quite subdued compared to what you'll hear on a night out. Add in the competitive spirit of bowling at the end of the financial year party and there's sure to be some great one-liners. To get you in the mood, here are three classic quotes that you'll hear at an EOFY party at ZONE BOWLING.

 1) "My grandma could have bowled that faster" 

It might not be original, but this quote is classic banter that you're bound to hear after a gutterball. This classic one liner may put your co-workers off their game, but it might not help your cause when they are chasing you down in the Laser Arena, making a top score for their team. 

The only issue of dishing this out is that you better not get a gutterball yourself - you'll never live it down. 

2) "That's a kid's ball!" 

Now we all know bowling balls can come in all shapes and sizes, but there is always that one bowler who thinks they can get away with the children’s size ball. With a range of bowling ball sizes to choose from at ZONE BOWLING, you should always be on the case of those who are looking for a bit of speed advantage. 

Now if this totally backfires and your co-worker ends up scoring way more than you, there is no better way to forget your differences than with a few bevvies and some top notch canapes during your event. 

3) "Why not try the ramp next time?" 

For those new to bowling, we have a range of helpful tricks to boost your score. While nobody wants bumper rails at an EOFY party, it's possible that someone may consider using the ramp to improve their technique. And if your team seems to really struggle, why not ensure you mix up the activities at your event by throwing in a few rounds of Laser to ensure all of your team find their top score in any activity. 

Book your EOFY party today at ZONE BOWLING! With bowling, laser tag, arcade and our delicious packages, ZONE BOWLING has you covered for all your party needs!