3 bowling modification rules to level the playing field


Hosting a corporate party at ZONE BOWLING opens up a world of possibility. You're not just turning up with your friends and having a laugh (though don't discount that, because it's pretty fun, too), you're engaging with your colleagues and challenging each other at a sport many of you won't be very familiar with. 

To level the playing field, create an element of chaotic fun and allow yourself to add in a few extra strange prizes to the evening, try out these three bowling game modifiers at your next work party

Blind man's bluff

Not everybody has the same level of eyesight. Where Derrick from marketing might have perfect 20:20 vision, Sandra from accounts could have been stuck with glasses most of her life. The solution? Make everybody bowl blind.

Help your colleagues to the foul line, point them in the direction of the pins and watch them go wild. Who knows, maybe the gods of bowling shall shine down upon thee and bless you with many strikes? ... or you'll gutter it every time. Either way, it'll be a laugh!

Opposite day

There's always that one guy at the bowling party who has done it a thousand times and just wastes the competition. Bring him back down to ground level by initiating the 'opposite day' rule: You're only allowed to use your opposite arm to bowl. 

Just watch as he attempts to throw a left-hander only to end up weeping in the gutter.

The granny chuck

Bowling balls sure are heavy, right? Even the lighter ones have a bit of weight to them - just under four kilograms is a standard junior ball. Rather than get a sore arm and wrist trying to catch up on the scoreboard, try out the granny chuck.

If everyone has to roll the ball from between their legs with two hands, it will reset everybody's skill level and you'll be playing on neutral ground. Hopefully.