2 ways to improve your next work party


Company work parties can be a polarising topic. Where Sandra from Accounts might love them, Jim from Marketing could look at them with a little sneer - you know, that silent gaze of disgust that says, "Oh, that? Yes, I'm sure it will be a blast. I'll totally go," in a super sarcastic tone. 

According to stats from a company called Challenger, Grey and Christmas, almost 90 per cent of companies hold an annual party. However, a popular business blogger polled his readers and found that 45 per cent of staff were either not going, trying to find an excuse not to go or would prefer to "bite their own arm off" than go.

For your next company event, you need to try and change people's attitudes! Take a look at these two reasons why staff usually don't like their office work party, and how you can solve them.

"It's in the office again? Oh dear..."

The average Aussie works around 33 hours, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which they spend in the office. This means that as far as adult party ideas go, hosting a function in this same venue is probably not going to encourage a lot of enthusiasm. 

So take your party to the next level and book a package deal with ZONE BOWLING. We can offer food and drinks, plus awesome entertainment - from ten pin bowling itself to Laser Skirmish to arcade machines. Your staff will be able to enjoy a fully licensed bar, while competing against each other on the lanes. Now that's a lot better than a cheap beer over the watercooler!

"Uh oh, the boss is getting up to speak."

Work speeches can be important, we recognise that. There are sales figures to tout, and people to congratulate. However, very few people want to sit through these when the event is supposed to be a 'party'. To quote educational resource Plan Your Meetings: "Parties can have pie, but they should not have pie charts."

If you want a speech component, consider using the time to also offer employee rewards. A McKinsey and Company report said that 67 per cent of employees found recognition and commendation as one of the driving forces behind motivation. 

Plus, as far as party themes go, 'Oscars' is always a fun one! People can turn up to your ZONE BOWLING event dressed up in their best outfits, and go home with cute little gold trophies to show that you care about them.