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From zero to hero: How to host an epic office party at Zone Bowling

Planning the perfect office party can be a real pain – just ask the colleague in charge of organising a year-end function that’ll keep everyone happy. If you’re the designated office party planner and feeling tired of the same old scene, try tenpin bowling – it’s a chance for your team to relax, let loose, and reveal the vibrant personalities that might be hidden behind their desk-bound alter egos. Try these prize ideas to add something extra to your next office bowling party at Zone Bowling. 

1. Striker’s Glory 

When the pressure’s on, these colleagues turn into (bowling) champions: it’s time to recognise their skill and dedication. Offer a grand prize to the bowler with the highest bowling score at the end of the night. It’s an opportunity to encourage friendly competition – and perhaps even uncover unexpected talents within your team. For a prize, consider a shopping voucher, prepaid Visa card or Zone Bowling gift card. 

2. The Underdogs 

Sometimes, a team member might be better at, say,a of golf… If they’re unlikely to ever be a legend in their local bowling alley, but still turn up and give it a good shot, reward them. When the gutter balls start to pile up, acknowledge their unwavering spirit in the face of the lowest bowling score ever. Consider presenting certificates of participation or, better yet, offer them a drink or snack from Zone Bowling’s delicious menu to make their valiant attempts feel more worthwhile. To add a humorous twist, introduce a ‘Best of the Worst’ trophy for the top scorer in the lowest-scoring category. It’s a fun way for those without much bowling prowess to compete among themselves. 

3. Simply Unpredictable 

We’ve all witnessed that astounding moment when someone’s bowling blunder miraculously knocks down pins in another lane entirely. Embrace the chaos and make it a memorable office anecdote by rewarding your team’s loose unit for the colour they bring to the everyday. A gift card or choice plushie from Zone Bowling’s iconic Winners Vault would be just the thing to distract them with while you sneakily remove all bowling bowls from their vicinity… 

4. Style Stakes 

Tenpin bowling is not just about the strikes and spares; it’s also about the swagger! Encourage your team to showcase their unique sense of style and bowling flair and reward the most stylish bowler for their efforts. Or challenge your colleagues to a bowling-themed fancy dress-off: who knows what Dave from marketing might come up with if there’s a generous bar tab up for grabs? 

Ah, bowling: it really is the secret sauce you need for making an office bash an absolute blast! (Hint: also, a good teambuilding activity.) Zone Bowling office parties are all about bonding and having a great time with your colleagues, so get ready to roll your way to an unforgettable office party! 



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