ZONE BOWLING Meals to Keep you Warm in Winter | ZONE BOWLING


A Sunday roast is one of those things that just doesn't much appeal on a scorching summer day - but come winter, you could just about eat it on any weekday ending with a 'Y'.

Hot meals and winter go hand-in-hand like Art and Matilda (let's not go there with season two), and as the mercury drops, we're already getting excited about the winter warmers we can feast on throughout the colder months.

As a little inspiration, here are some of the best hot meals you'll find at ZONE BOWLING Centres around New Zealand this winter.

Mexican loaded wedges

Wedges, fries, chips - whatever you call them, these divine gifts from the gods are some of the best winter snacks around. They're hot, filling, and perfect as a side to something else or as a meal all by themselves.

We do offer a number of wedge options, however, so why pick out the Mexican ones for our hottest meals list? Naturally, a little extra spice is an ideal way to heat things up, and the chilli con carne on these beauts will have you reaching for that guacamole to cool things off again.

Classic 3 Toastie

When a food item is literally called a Toastie, you can pretty much guarantee it's going to be a plate of heavenly warmth and goodness.

The Classic 3 Toastie offers a ham, tomato and cheese trio in an indulgent pressed sandwich that will melt in your mouth and will be the food envy of all your mates.


Can't say no to these hot and delicious treats? It's nacho fault.  There's no resisting the pull of the nacho, especially when they're served at ZONE BOWLING and smothered with chilli con carne, liberally sprinkled with home-made corn and blackbean salsa, served with guacamole, cheese sauce and tomato sauce.

It really doesn't get much better than that.

BBQ Beef & Bacon Hot Dog

Here's another food with the word 'hot' in it! Hot dogs are a winter staple no matter where you are in the world, and if you happen to be in a New Zealand bowling alley, it'll be tough to go past this tasty dog.

You've got char-grilled beef sausage with bacon, caramelised onions and barbeque sauce, as well as a hefty serving of hot fries for good measure.

Of course, there are other options on the ZONE BOWLING menu (including hot drinks!) but when you want to warm up, these treats will light a fire in your belly and get you all fired up for your next strike.