Perfect pairs: What drinks match with our favourite eats?


We've already talked about our favourite eats at Kingpin, but what we didn't mention is our favourite ways to wash them down.

For those of you who love a delicious drink in one hand and a tasty meal in the other, here are our own versions of perfect pairs.

A best friend for the amigos tasting plate

The amigos tasting plate is a bouquet of mouthwatering flavours - which is exactly why a classic margarita is the perfect accompaniment. The fresh lime juice is a fantastically refreshing flavour to cleanse the palate in between mouthfuls of rich beef'n'beans on the tasting plate, and the tequila element gives the drink a kick that works in sync with the tomato salsa and fresh guac.

What to drink with the Spicy Spanish hot dog

Are you that person who always orders every meal with the maximum number of chilli peppers in it? The Spicy Spanish hot dog is the dish for you - and the perfect drink is a Perfect Storm.

The Perfect Storm cocktail is practically a Dark and Stormy's jazzed up cousin. It's a zingy mix of Sailor Jerry's spiced rum with fresh lime juice, bitters and ginger beer. It mirrors the kick of the chorizo sausage as well as the coolness of the sour cream for a meal and drink combo you won't soon forget.

Which cocktail is simply made for jaffles?

Jaffles can be just about anything. Sweet with choc banana, savoury with the classic ham and cheese, tropical with the Hawaiian, or exotic with the Mediterranean. So what's the one drink that can go with all of that?

Easy - beer. We've got more than just cocktails on tap, so when you want something that will go with just about anything, beer is the go-to. As a jaffle is special to Australia, opt for one of our local beers such as the Kosciuszko to wash it down.

A perfect pair for those churros

Churros are a sweet treat that disappear from the plate so quickly that you could swear you didn't eat them all (ask your mates to whistle, you can't trust them not to nick your churros). So you'll need something equally sweet and delicious to be on par with this yummy dish.

A Singapore Sling is your number one option here. It's usually a mix of brandy, gin, triple sec, pineapple juice, lime juice and grenadine syrup - all topped off with a sweet maraschino cherry.