Spring into ZONE BOWLING


To celebrate our fabulous Popcorn Milkshake for the Spring School Holidays we thought we had better put together a list of some of our favourite milkshakes. We have also put together a quick feature on one of our favourite Ice Creams, the classic Bubble O'Bill, which will be available for a limited time for only $2! Check them our below and make sure you grab a Popcorn Milkshake & Bubble O'Bill when book in at your nearest ZONE BOWLING:

Make the ultimate Milkshake!

Cookies & Cream Milkshake

Adding crushed cookies to a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream can take your Milkshake from zero to hero!

Chocolate Swirl

Devilishly delicious and surprisingly sinful!

Coffee Mocha

Chocolate and Coffee – where would we be without them! Combine a shot of your favourite espresso with some melted chocolate for an afternoon pick me up.

Berry Delight

Blend it up! Add some frozen berries to your vanilla milkshake for a fruity twist sure to please the crowds.

Banana Choc

Rock it old school with a combination of banana and chocolate powered drink!

Caramel Crunch

Add some crunch to your chocolate milkshake by topping with crushed caramel chocolate bar!

S’Mores Please

Add some chocolate and marshmallows to your classic chocolate milkshake – a slight sprinkle of salt can also make all the difference!

Bubble O Bill

With a flashback to the 80s and a nod to the old west, who can steer clear of the classic Street’s Ice Cream, the Bubble O Bill? Always renowned as the most characteristic Ice Cream in the freezer we thought we would take the time out this Spring and pay homage to the classic leading into Summer!

The multi flavoured ice cream was first spotted on Aussie shores in the late 80s after not having much success being released out of New Jersery in 1985. The iconic outline was designed off the looks of Western Cowboy Bubble Bill, with his original bullet hole hat!

The ice cream itself was always memorable, with a split flavour, starting with Strawberry for the face, Caramel for the Moustache, a Chocolate hat, and a milk-choc backing and to top it all off a chewy Bubble Gum nose!

Now if we haven’t seemed to convince you that it’s the perfect time to get back on the Bubble Bill bandwagon, why not grab one at your ZONE BOWLING this Spring Holidays for only $2!