Shake it Up these Holidays | ZONE BOWLING


When you come in to ZONE BOWLING these holidays, you might notice something a little ... freaky.

We're shaking things up in the kitchen with awesome new Panda sundaes in honour of kung fu master Po, and divine salted caramel freakshakes - but don't worry, all your usual favourite meals and snacks at ZONE BOWLING aren't going anywhere.

What it takes to make a great freakshake

Freakshakes became famous all over the world faster than you can say "the most delicious thing you can drink through a straw". And the best thing about them? They started right here in Australia. Their humble beginnings trace back to a cafe in Canberra, and are now something of a 'must-try' anywhere you go.

They've taken the idea of a milkshake and completely pimped it out - the result being something that's as much a full-size dessert as a drink. But what does it take to bring it from a simple milkshake up to the lofty heights of a freakshake?

For starters, you've got to have a cool cup. No ordinary glass will do, so you'll usually find them in large glass mugs or elaborate tall vessels.

Now, we need to see those shakes piled high with as much delicious stuff on them as possible. For cookies and cream flavours, we want literal cookies and cream piled so high that it looks like the whole thing is about to topple. No matter the flavour, this freakshake must be totally stacked with treats such as brownies, marshmallows and sweets. You've also got to decorate that glass vessel in some way - whether that's rolling it in cookie crumbs, sticking pretzels to the sides or purposefully pouring chocolate sauce over the edges, it needs to have that tasty touch.

Finally, add multiple straws and serve it on a plate. It's possible it will all be just too much deliciousness for one cup to handle, so the plate is there to catch any of the spillage.

What happens when Po gets into the kitchen at ZONE BOWLING?

ZONE BOWLING is teaming up with the guys behind Kung Fu Panda 3 these holidays, and Po has so far managed to take over our kids' birthday parties and lanes, but he's making his presence felt in the kitchen, too.

Once we managed to lure him away from the food with a few games of laser tag, he advised us on the best Panda Sundae possible, and as a big fan of freakshakes himself, he also suggested our own take on a salted caramel version. Both menu items are 100 per cent Po certified - and nobody knows more about good food than Po.