Milkshakes Vs Spiders

A battle has been ‘brewing’ in milk bars and cafés for decades without any of us knowing! For years our milky mates and fizzy friends have been locked in conflict attempting to win the hand of the fair and sweet Ice Cream.

Imagine the scene, a loyal kitchen hand leaves at the end of another busy night. They switch off the lights, flip the sign to closed and lock the doors. All is quiet in the kitchen until… the fridge door bursts open, out jumps a 1 litre milk bottle and a 600ml bottle of soda. Both scream “ON GUARD!” as the fight begins. In the dark, cool of the freezer, our innocent Ice Cream sits trembling - not from the cold, but from the realisation that they will soon be paired with the victor! 

At ZONE BOWLING we understand this battle - we kind of approve of it! Don’t judge us but sometimes we encourage it! We know both the Milkshake and the Soda are taken to another level when you dollop a scoop of Ice cream on top.

Come and try our milkshakes and spiders for yourself

We’ve got both of these scrumptious ice cream enhanced beauties waiting for you in our centres. Give them a go and let us know which is your favourite and don’t feel too bad about the ice cream, they’re pretty “cool” about it really. Boom tish!

Join us next week when we expose the underworld sport of iced coffee and iced chocolate cage fighting. These cold hearted criminals battle it out in a bid to win the prized whipped cream topping!