Lord of the Spuds ZONE BOWLINGs new Tri tatoes


It began with the forging of the great spud foods. Fries were given to the burger joints, immortal, wisest and greasiest of all beings. Wedges to the restaurants, great diners and connoisseurs of the cuisine halls. And sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes were gifted to the hipster food trucks, who above all else desire power.

For within these spuds was the strength and will to govern all other foods. But they were all of them deceived, for another food was made. In the land of Australia, in the fires of the ZONE BOWLING kitchen, the Tri-tato was born.

Combining fries, wedges and sweet potato wedges into a single meal, the Tri-tato is the one food to rule them all. To experience this majesty for yourself, come on down to your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre for a game and a snack.

Taters? What's taters, precious?

Po-ta-toes. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew. The human race has a long and complex relationship with the spud, in all its forms. Since its cultivation by the Incas in 8000 B.C. the potato has rolled itself to all four corners of the earth, leaving its mark on history.

It arrived on European soil in 1536 and turned into a vital part of the Irish diet, becoming the centrepoint of the infamous famine in the early 1800s. During this time, much of the Irish working class was forced to immigrate to the United States or Canada. That's right - the potato literally forced people to move countries.

The potato then spudded along to North America, where Thomas Jefferson served the first ever batch of French fries at the Whitehouse (turns out they're not actually French. Who knew?). In more recent times, 1995 to be specific, the potato became the first food to be grown in outer space. NASA hopes to one day use the spud to feed future space travellers and maybe even a space colony!

Today, the potato plays an important role in the lives of Australians, who consume about 60 kilograms of the spud per year. To put this into perspective, this is the same weight as:

  • Two medium to largish German Shepherds
  • Just over eight average sized bowling balls
  • Like, half a rugby player

And now the potato, times three, has found a home at ZONE BOWLING. Now you don't have to choose between fries or wedges after (or during) a game of ten pin bowling - $14.90 will get you both, with some delicious sweet potato wedges also thrown into the mix!