How to say "I won" in different languages


Let's be honest for a second. It's all fun and games to go bowling, trying your luck at the arcade machines or to sprint through the Laser Skirmish ZONE BOWLING. But there is a whole other level of joy when we actually do well at each of these activities. Winning, success, achievement - all of these make playing these games just that little bit sweeter.

With that in mind, here are some ways to say "I won" at your next games night at ZONE BOWLING, in a flurry of different languages. Double points if you say these whilst simultaneously busting out victory dance moves. 

Ich habe gewonnen!

- German.

Can you imagine the fun of saying this as you clink a beer together with your friends, toasting to your victory? We have light, local, premium and imported beers for sale to people over the age of 18 at ZONE BOWLING centres, so you could even indulge in a beverage from one of these countries on your night out.

J'ai gagne!

- French

Ho vinto!

- Italian. In keeping with the Italiano trend, be sure to say 'salute' (pronounced sah-loo-tay) or 'chin chin' as you clink glasses together in celebration. 


- Spanish. 

Eu ganhei!

- Portuguese. 

Toi da thang!

- Vietnamese 

Jeg vant!

- Norwegian


- Finnish 


- Turkish

En nyertem!

- Hungarian 

Bhuaigh me!

- Irish 


- Polish 

Jag vann!

- Swedish 


- Welsh

Am castigat!

- Romanian 

So there you have it, winners! A chance to not only show off your skills at the wide array of gaming activities on offer at ZONE BOWLING, but also to wow the people you are playing against with your impressive, admirable linguistic knowledge. 

Now, although we here in Australia speak English, we couldn't help but think how would Aussies say the phrase 'I won'?

Probably something along the lines of ...

"Woah, mate. Did you just see that beaut of a strike? Ace! That was bonzer. I just won!" 

Next you and your mates would probably go celebrate with some amber fluid (beer)!