How to Avoid a Food Fight | ZONE BOWLING


"Where shall we go for dinner?" 

Choosing an option that everybody can get behind is no easy task, and wars have been started over less. This is especially true when younger kids are added to the equation, each with their own particular idea of what constitutes an appropriate dinner. While it might be difficult to convince your children that an ice cream sundae isn't a like for like replacement for vegetables, it is possible to find a food option that everybody in the family will enjoy.

Simply head along to your local ZONE BOWLING centre, and even the pickiest of picky eaters will find something to satisfy their cravings. Here's how you can enjoy a stress-free family dinner. 

Can't beat the classics

When it comes to food, there's definitely a feeling that the tried and tested meals are often the best. Certainly this is the case where little ones are concerned - with very few parents hearing cries of "I'd like a kale and quinoa salad" from the back seat. Instead, the commonly requested options are the classics that we all know and love, with cheeseburgers and hot dogs chief reigning supreme. 

At ZONE BOWLING, the menu is stacked with everything you'd expect from these staples. Simple options like the American Cheeseburger are perfect for kids, while mums can go full gourmet with more unique fare like the Aloha Burger and its crispy tempura chicken breast. 

Think about the drink

Of course, no good meal is complete without the right beverage on the side. If mum and dad want a glass of wine but the kids are roaring their insatiable need for wedges loaded with bacon and sour cream, the available options become slightly more limited. After all, you can't exactly pop into the nearest bar! 

Because ZONE BOWLING is licenced, when you dine with us it's a simple matter of ordering your food and completing the meal with whatever drink that you'd like. Whether that's an adult beverage for you or an ice cream spider for the young 'uns, keeping everyone's thirst quenched is as easy as pie.

Allergy alert!

Parents of kids with allergies will be the first to tell you finding a restaurant that's safe for their child can be challenging. It's not particularly helpful asking if a dish contains nuts and being met with a blank stare of unknowing from the cashier, which is why we at ZONE BOWLING have put all the information together for easy reference. Whether you're interested in nutritional data, ingredients or potential allergens, our team is more than happy to help. 

If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to get in touch today. We'll see you soon, and don't forget to bring an appetite!