History of the Hot Dog in Australia


At ZONE BOWLING it is no lie we love a Hot Dog. Whether we are carefully cooking those meaty morsels or we are demolishing a few in between a session in the Laser Arena and a few strikes on the bowling lanes, we know that a Hot Dog is the perfect company.

Now most of us know the Hot Dog has it’s history in the United States, with the roots of the snack stretching back to Germany and featuring at most major Baseball stadiums across the US, but did you know that Down Under, Aussies have been a few ways to put a spin on this bun and sausage combo. Let’s take a look at a few of the Hot Dog variations you can snack in Australia today.

The Dagwood Dog

To start us off let’s take a look at the boss of fried goodness, the Dagwood Dog. Now before we kick off any arguments across Australia we must also acknowledge that the Dagwood Dog is also known as a Pluto Pup or a Dippy Dog. The Dagwood Dog is hot dog sausage on a stick, covered in deep fried batter and topped with your choice of sauce for a crunchy meaty snack. It’s the perfect snack whilst you wander around your local State Show during the School Holidays!

The Cocktail Frankfurt

Second on our list is the humble, yet oh so satisfying Cocktail Frankfurt. Also known by a different name, such as the Saveloy in certain parts of Australia, this bite size snack is a staple at cocktail parties over the ages. There was always a tray of frankfurts hanging around at a kid’s birthday party or even making an appearance at the latest team building events for the corporate types. Give them a dip in some tomato sauce and you’ve got yourself a “weiner”.

The Sausage Sizzle

Now rounding out our list is a controversial entry and a what some people would call the holy grail of meat filled bread snacks, the Sausage Sizzle! Now although the sausage sizzle has been around since the dawn of the Aussie BBQ, the sausage on bread has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to it’s weekly feature at hardware stores across the country.

Not technically a part of the Hot Dog family the sausage sizzle keeps its roots firmly in the ground with it’s simple white bread wrap and charcoaled beef sausage and was not a option we could overlook. If you’ve never had the chance to experience one of these beauties then get yourself down to the nearest School Fete or Local Sport’s team end of season celebration and snag yourself a snack.

If you feel that our top 3 hasn’t quite satisfied your hunger for Hot Dogs then this Spring Holiday saw the introduction of our 10 inch Hotdog. It's still the perfect time to get to your nearest ZONE BOWLING and devour our 10 Inch Hot Dog, while stocks last! That’s right, 10 inches of hot diggity dog for you to get fuelled up and back onto the bowling lanes, in the Laser Arena or ready to smash some high scores in the arcade.