Happy Hamburger Month! | ZONE BOWLING


There are some things in life that we simply cannot explain - why Vegemite isn't the world's number one toast spread, the fate of your left green sock, or how and why May came to be hamburger month.

Fortunately, not all things need to be explained, and in the case of hamburgers, they only really need to be celebrated. And even though we enjoy our hamburgers all year round, here are our tips for celebrating Hamburger Month this May!

Get out of your burger comfort ZONE BOWLING

Are you that person who orders the Hawaiian style burger (chicken with pineapple) every time you go out? Or do you prefer the classic beef and cheese meal wherever you go?

If your food preferences are so predictable that even your hairdresser knows what you'd order, it's definitely time to mix things up. Celebrate burger month by trying something new - a vegetarian option such as chickpea or tofu can be just as tasty as a massive steak, and a fish burger adds a twist to an old classic. Restaurants these days offer a pretty great range, so don't be afraid to try one out.

Would you like a burger with that bowling?

The only thing that goes with bowling just as well as burgers is laser tag - and funnily enough, you can have the trifecta at ZONE BOWLING Centres!

When you're in for a game or five this May, check out ZONE BOWLING's burger menu. Will it be the Ranch Burger that takes your fancy? The mustardy American Burger? The Breaky Brioche? The Hawaiian-style patty with pineapple and bacon? The original and classic beef patty with all the toppings? Or will you simply come in five separate times so you can try all of the menu options?

DIY Burgers at home

Fire up that barbie (or just get out the frying pan if the weather's not behaving) and get ready to create the king of all burgers. Nothing tastes as sweet as what you've made for yourself, and when you make them at home, you get to have exactly what you want in them.

Take your inspiration from cooking blogs, reality chef shows or even our own burger menu, and see if you can create something you'd be proud to make on your own cooking programme. Don't forget to give it a fancy name, either.

How will you be celebrating Hamburger Month?