Food Pairings That Will Have You Calling for More


Ever since the discovery of the vast flavour palette, humans have been pushing their body to the limit to understand how they can pair foods with other foods. Over the years of experimentation there have been many fails, but several successes, from Salted Caramel to Bacon on Pancakes, creating an odd mix of flavours that are magically delicious.

To celebrate this pioneering effort made by humanity we thought we’d list out some of our favourite food combinations that we find delicious and we think that you might to! 

Kicking things off we are going straight for the Breakfast table. We all know Aussies love their Vegemite, with the dark-salty spread being a favourite across slices of toast for those of all ages, they also love their Avocados. Behold these two foods on one finely toasted piece of bread and you have the perfect creamy, salty and delicious breakfast or brunch snack!

Next up we’ve got the all-time family divider, pineapple on pizza! Now to be fair if we had ZONE BOWLING venues all over Italy we would be strongly advising against this topping, but because we seemed to have grown up with it we do have a soft spot for a ham and pineapple pizza! Like many of us we will happily oblige to a few slices, but some pizza fans out there would call this move an act of treason!

To round out this tasty little list we’ve got our own food pairing that we think is a little weird (only if you actually put them together that is). Our bite size popcorn chicken goes hand in hand with our Nutella Pizza! Because to be honest after a few frames of Bowling and a couple of rounds in the Laser Arena and in the Arcade, you are going to be desperate for a bite to eat. What better way to satisfy your hunger than with a quick bite of yummy popcorn chicken and something a little sweet! 

Let us know your crazy or sane food pairings in the comments below and book in a session at your nearest ZONE BOWLING!