Enjoy our sweet dessert menu at ZONE BOWLING


After an entertaining laser tag battle or nail-biting finish in the lanes, you're bound to have worked up an appetite. Fortunately for you, we at ZONE BOWLING have a menu that's filled to the brim with everything from sharing platters and chips to burgers and hotdogs.

Never fear if you're after something a litter sweeter though, our dessert section has everything you need. We don't mind if you haven't had your dinner, there is always time for a sweet treat at ZONE BOWLING.

Here is a comprehensive overview of our magnificent dessert menu.

Nutella pizza

Nutella is something of a global phenomenon with the hazelnut spread even having a day of recognition worldwide (February 5). As such, our kitchen team have developed something very special - Nutella pizza.

We add a generous helping of Nutella to a thin crust base and top with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Don't worry about sharing this dessert, it's a real treat!

Belgian berry waffle

A wise sidekick once said "and in the morning...I'm making waffles!". However, as Donkey would probably know, waffles are good at any time of the day.

So, if you love waffles as much as Donkey, don't hesitate in ordering our popular Belgian berry waffle. We lightly toast the waffle to add that punch of flavour before topping with mixed berries and vanilla ice cream.

Kid's ice cream sundae

Ah, sundaes. Forget a simple bowl of ice cream, when you come at ZONE BOWLING, your kids can enjoy a sundae which covers all the bases.

Of course, we start with the classic vanilla ice cream. Then, they can choose between chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauce. To finish off this impressive sundae, we top with cream, fresh strawberries and a perennial favourite - marshmallows.

Sound good to you? We won't judge if you decide on the kid's sundae - we're all kids at heart, aren't we?

To learn more about the menu at ZONE BOWLING, get in touch with us today!