Eat right for your bowling type: Part 2


Welcome back to our menu-meets-bowler guide to make sure you're nom nom nomming the best meals for your bowling style!

Last time we drooled over the Simply Salad Wrap and house-made tomato Bruschetta for fast and furious bowlers, as well as protein-rich meals for power bowlers such as the Ranch Burger. Now it's time to cast our eyes on some other bowling styles... 

Graceful bowlers

Everyone's seen one of these in action. They dance over to the bowling lane, poised as can be, swing their arm back in a perfect arc and elegantly send the ball rolling. It's a mesmerising sight. 

Such graceful bowlers can benefit from meal plans that dancers follow. Actsafe published a guide called 'Good nutrition for dancers' and noted it helps to combine protein with carbohydrates because "protein stabilises blood sugar levels and maintains steady energy throughout the day" whereas carbs are the "macronutrient that we most easily breakdown for immediate energy". Due to this epic combo, dancers and graceful bowlers can get the ultimate fuel they need. 

Stock up your plate at ZONE BOWLING with the Chicken Griller Wrap, taking advantage of the chargrilled chicken breast for protein. It's also healthy with avocado and mixed lettuce for greens. Choose to add golden fries for your carbs and you're all set. 

Daredevil bowlers 

You guys are red hot on the lanes, confident as you make epic twists and turns and bowl with a range of tricks up your sleeve. People watching you bowl can enjoy your sudden movements, quick swishes and the sounds of bowling shoes screeching to a halt just before you let the ball thunder down the lane.

Feed your appetite with a meal that understands the essence of who you are, because it's a daredevil, too. The El Loco Wrap is a burrito full of mild chilli con carne and chunky tomato salsa, topped with shredded cheese mixed with sour cream. It comes out hot like you, served lightly toasted.

Enjoy your tasty treats!