Delving into delectable dessert histories: How these foods were invented


As part of our new scrumptious menu, we have a range of mouthwatering desserts on offer ranging from warm apple bites doused in caramel fudge sauce to sugary churros ready to dip in creamy sauces.

Many desserts have a long and fascinating history though - their recipes were invented decades ago in French castles or in humble peasant kitchens. Even in recent years new and yummy desserts are being invented - just think back to the cronut, half donut half croissant that was created in New York's Dominique Ansel Bakery. 

Here we look at the stories of how some of our tasty treats came to be. We couldn't imagine a world without these delectable desserts!


Chocolate con churros has been an iconic Spanish breakfast for decades. Early in the morning, people in churrerías make these goodies throughout the streets of Spain. While there is no solid evidence as to who or when these deep-fried delights were invented, the Huffington Post reported that nomadic Spanish shepherds may have been the first to make these.

Because they lived in high mountains, they had limited access to bakeries but could whip up churros in a frying pan over an open flame. People believe they named the food 'churros' because their shape resembles that of the horns on the Navajo-Churro breed of sheep that roamed the mountains alongside them. 


The fondue was invented in Switzerland during the 18th century, according to Everything Fondue. It came from humble beginnings, as a way to use aged cheeses and stale breads in the winter months when access to fresh produce was limited. Blending the cheese with wines, herbs and garlic made it more appetising and softened the stale bread, allowing these foods not to go to waste.

Nowadays, we use fondues for both sweet and savoury recipes. Here at ZONE BOWLING, we dish ours out with fruit and marshmallows for fun dipping!