Bowl your taste buds away with our new menu!

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Ah, Spring... A time of fresh growth, new beginnings and supercharged appetites. Zone Bowling’s been feeling the energy, and it’s inspired us to launch a delicious new menu. Get ready to feast!

One does not simply dream up a new menu. It takes months of careful planning and Zone Bowling Chefs passionately debating the ideal levels of chip crunchiness, milkshake creaminess and ease of one-hand eating. (Passionate chefs can be scary, we'll have you know.)

And then comes taste-testing time... Such stories we could tell you! Meg from marketing still can’t look at a hot dog without happy tears flooding her eyes. (We’re keeping her away from all hot dogs for a while.)

The result of all this hard work is a Zone Bowling menu that will knock the socks off your taste buds. (Try visualising that. Go on.) Here are five reasons why we think you need to come over for lunch (and some ten pin bowling) right now!

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Allow us to mangle Taylor Swift: “boy, there ain’t no ‘I’ in team, but you know there is an EAT!” Since a successful day’s bowling involves loads of teamwork, our new menu makes it easy for friends to share a range of yummy snacks to keep energy levels up. Choose from our legendary Nachos, BBQ Wings, New York Sliders and, of course, pizza. You know what they say: you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pizza – and that’s kind of the same thing!

(Don’t worry: if you want your precious snacks all to yourself, you can pick your very own moreish burger from our Burger Alley, or discover why Marketing Meg keeps crying about our Hero Dogs...)

Must love potatoes

Frankly, potatoes are the best food ever. We’re rather proud of how we’ve perfected this glorious carb at Zone Bowling: Shoestring Fries. Super Crunch Fries. Sweet Potato Fries. Crispy. Crunchy. Golden. You can eat them plain, or pile on a range of toppings to pimp your spuds. Bacon, cheese and sour cream on super crunch fries? Bring it! I’m not wearing a bikini this summer anyway.

The joy of drink

We dare you to try the Zone Bowling Time Challenge: pick a drink from our pimped-up drinks’ section in under five minutes. We don’t think you can do it, frankly. We have something for everyone: a favourite beer for Dad, some lovely pink gin for Mum, Shiraz for Aunty Brenda and fizzy cold drinks or juice for thirsty kids. But what you should really get excited about are our shakes. Ice cream Spiders, Honeycomb Break Shakes, Cookie Blitz Shakes... And everybody's favourite: a retro Strawberry Milkshake to lend some authenticity to a day on the bowling lanes!

Health FTW!

Worried about your waistline? We got you. Or rather, our delicious Caesar Salad does: it’s a magical medley of lettuce, poached egg, garlic croutons, streaky bacon, Parmesan shavings... And if waistline watching is not your thing, add some crumbed chicken breast to the mix. After all: one needs plenty of energy to bowl successive, sustained strikes AND do a celebratory dance after! (Also, according to a very qualified chef who we love dearly, marshmallows are basically a plant. So eating them is like eating a salad. Win.)

Sweet tooth treats

Okay. So. Zone Bowling’s brand-new menu features a mini tub of hot cinnamon donuts drenched in Nutella drizzle. You can also feast on a Rocky Road pizza topped with vanilla ice cream, or our house-made choc chip cookie dough. And can I take a break from writing now because I really, really need to go somewhere, like, right away?!

(Ed’s note: this blog was never finished, because our writer refuses to stop ambushing Zone Bowling guests and eating all their Nutella cinnamon donuts. We’re worried. If you see her: hide your donuts!)