4 refreshing ways to enjoy your Pepsi this summer


There's a reason why Pepsi is the world's most famous drink - it's simply one of the coolest and most refreshing beverages to sip on during a roasting summer!

A favourite that has spanned multiple generations, Pepsi is still one of the most popular soft drinks today and people are always coming up with new and exciting ways to enjoy it.

If you're keen to cool down with a nice cold cola after a round of team bowling this summer, why not mix it up a bit and try one of these four ways of serving the drink?

1. Frozen

Want a sweet treat that encapsulates the great taste of Pepsi? Freeze it up and try a cola-flavoured ice block!

Just grab some popsicle moulds from the supermarket, fill them up with the good stuff and leave in the freezer for a couple of hours while you smash a few rounds down at the ZONE BOWLING. When you return home, you'll have your own cola-flavoured ice blocks waiting for you - just don't have them all at once!

2. Slushy

Some people are notoriously indecisive - they're not sure whether they want the solid goodness of an ice block or the swirl-in-your-mouth joy of a plain cola drink.

You can always strike the middle ground and go for a slushy, a delightfully ice cold treat that will leave your taste buds tingling. If you don't have a slushy maker at home, you can still chuck some crushed cola ice cubes into a blender and mix away until it's a nice, thick consistency.

3. 'Spider'

Just like cola, vanilla ice cream is a perennial summer favourite. Why not join forces and add a dollop of ice cream to a glass of coke for a unique, creamy drink?

4. Ice-cold and old-fashioned

At the end of the day, some things are best enjoyed in their natural form.

There is rarely a better tonic for the summer heat than an ice-cold coke on the rocks, straight out of the fridge!