4 classic cakes to bring to ZONE BOWLING


As the ultimate celebration destination, we see a lot of fun events taking place at ZONE BOWLING centres around Australia. These include everything from stag dos to kids parties, but while each is different and unique, there's one thing that every great occasion has in common - a delicious cake!

At ZONE BOWLING, you can bring any cake you'd like along to your event, that's easy. The hard part is deciding just which variety to choose. There are literally hundreds of different types of cake, and while making the wrong call won't ruin the day, it's certainly a far better option to go with something that everybody can enjoy. To that end, it's sometimes best to stick with the classics, and here are three of our favourites. 

1. Chocolate cake

You knew this would be number one, didn't you? Everybody loves a good chocolate cake, and if you're worried about satisfying the taste buds of all your attendees, it's probably your safest choice. There's no reason you have to be boring though. Spice your cake up with an interesting icing, a sprinkling of nuts or a dollop of cream to set it apart from the pack. 

2. Fruit cake

This might be one to save for the adult occasions, but it's an old favourite and hard to beat. Make sure to go with something that uses the freshest seasonal ingredients, in order to best suit the time of year. While not strictly a fruit, carrot cake is always a great option too, and best of all, it's healthy (ish)!

3. Pavlova

Putting aside the great, never-ending debate as to where exactly this delectable desert originated, it remains an absolute classic that never fails to impress. The best thing about pavlova is just how versatile they can be, especially if you're making it yourself. Kiwifruit, or strawberry on top? You make the call, and just try to keep the NZ versus Australia issue from popping up.  

4. Cheese cake

When it comes the the heat of summer and you need a dessert that is both tasty and refreshing, a cheese cake is the way to go. Slightly lighter and less dense than some of the other options, it will also prevent you from getting too weighed down after a hearty helping - a great boon for your ten pin bowling game!

Of course, these are only a few different options. The choices are almost limitless, so get out your cookbook (or head to the cake shop) and whip up something stunning for your next occasion at ZONE BOWLING.