Why bowling is good for your career


You won't see it on any careers websites and the top HR experts won't mention it at their next big presentation, but did you know that bowling at ZONE is actually really good for your career?

Forget 'continual professional development' and 'masters degrees' - tenpin is where the career ladder is climbed!

Take that 'yeah right' look off your face right now and listen up while we explain how bowling could be the single greatest career move you ever make.

Bowling helps make connections

Everyone knows that climbing the career ladder is all about knowing the right people. So, let's say you're relatively new in a job and your colleague has a birthday coming up. You give them a ZONE BOWLING gift card and a slap on the back.

Then, let's imagine they go bowling with their mates, have a truly awesome night and end up meeting a special someone. Things go well and very soon wedding bells are ringing.

You'll always be remembered as the reason all that amazingness happened. So guess who's getting that great promotion that's coming up?

Every office needs the 'fun guy'

Nothing sucks more than a boring office. Every office needs someone they can rely on to organise a killer party. Make sure, in your work, it's you.

That way, when you organise that sensational work party bowling and shooting each other up in Laser Skirmish, the one everyone's still talking about six months later, you get a reputation as the person the office can't be without, for fear of turning into a dreaded BO (Boring Office).

So when it comes around to contract time, the head honchos are gonna look at you and say, "We can't risk him going anywhere, let's give him a hefty pay rise and that nice corner office!"

So all of you young upstarts bursting to climb the career ladder, remember that bowling, not hard work and dedication, will take you right to the top!