Sandra Sever from ZONE BOWLING Frankston


As we approach International Day of People with a Disability, we are happy to feature one of our big supporters of the event, Sandra Sever, Venue Manager of ZONE BOWLING Frankston. Read all about her relationship with ZONE BOWLING and her thoughts on the upcoming IDPWAD event.

How long have you been working at ZONE BOWLING?

I have worked for ZONE BOWLING for 32 years. I started on 14th January 1985 as a casual, then became the Office Assistant, then I took over the role of Assistant Manager for a number of years and in November 2010 I became the Venue Manager of Frankston.

What is the best thing about the ZONE BOWLING Team?

The best thing about the Frankston ZONE BOWLING Team is while we have fun and support each other, we also make sure that we have fun with our guests and treat them with respect.  The best thing about the ZONE BOWLING Team as a whole is how we embrace new team members and new ideas and changes to the business.

What’s your highest bowling score?

My highest bowling score is 233.

What makes International Day of People with a Disability so special?

Watching these bowlers, with a disability, being able to bowl and seeing them so excited at knocking over the pins, even when it’s not a strike, is amazing.

How long have you been holding Disability events?

We have been holding Disability Events for the past 4 years.

What are some special memories from your Disability groups?

Some of our special memories from our Disability groups have been when we have had over 200 bowlers, carers and spectators in the venue to celebrate this special day with the local Mayor joining us to open our event.  We have had over 12 different Disability organisations enter teams each year the event has been running, with a Disability League starting after the first year with 20 team of 4  – this league is still ongoing after 4 years.

How did you celebrate International Day of People with a Disability in 2016, and what are your plans for this year?

Last year we celebrated IDPWAD by providing lunch, free bowling and giving all bowlers and carers a free show bag that had donations from local organisations in and around the Frankston area. Our winning team were also awarded trophies on the day.