Safety Month Recap


As we move into the final quarter of 2017 and into the month of November, we have a chance to stand back and reflect on the whirlwind month that October was and the great initiative we undertook as part of Safe Work Australia’s National Safety Month.

ZONE BOWLING kicked off the initiative with a meaningful and light hearted video series, championed by our old pal Garry Barry. Garry assisted us in educating our guests and our team on the importance of safety, touching on the reasons for donning our stylish shoes, picking the correctly weighted ball and setting, bowling and approaching your turn in every bowling frame.

These quick Tips and Tricks were then featured across our Nightlife billboards in venue for our guests to see and hear the quirky one liners from Garry and also take home a positive safety message around the sport of bowling.

Not only did we cover the practical steps to bowling, we also took a look at the key reasons to stay safe when playing Laser Tag and also dived into the details around our Pinsetter machines working hard in the back of our venues.

The video content itself was a huge success with more than 50,000 views on Social Media and reaching more than 200,000 people across the digital landscape. We also opened up some healthy discussions on the back of the content.

Part of hosting this video content we created a dedicated landing page for our guests to explore and educate themselves on the message of Safety. With our videos championing the space and three dedicated articles featuring to go into further detail around Bowling Etiquette, Laser Safety & the History of our Machines.

Why not check out the full length video below and remember to Roll Home Safe!