Meet Paul from Castle Hill

At ZONE BOWLING we always put our Team First and make sure that the fun that all of our guests have is a reflection of our team members at each venue across Australia & New Zealand. Next time you book in and visit us there will be a friendly member of the team on hand to make sure your experience is the best on offer. So without further ado, meet one of our experienced experts from the ZONE BOWLING team, Paul, Facilities Manager at ZONE BOWLING Castle Hill.

How long have you been working at ZONE BOWLING?

I have worked for ZONE BOWLING for over 20 years; started at the old Penrith centre there for about 8 years.

Then went to Hornsby I took a break after 2 years and had 2 weeks off and they called me back.

From there to old Fairfield then to Hornsby as Facilities Managers, then Villawood, Randwick, Macarthur, North Strathfield, Liverpool and I am now home at Castle Hill. 

What do you love most about the team at ZONE BOWLING?

ZONE BOWLING is a great fun place to work and always brings a fun group of team members or guests into our venues.

What's your highest ever Bowling score?

I once bowled a 300 game at the old Penrith centre and was the first to do so.

Why is safety so important to you?

I believe that everyone has the right to go home safe and sound after their shift.

How has Stringpins changed your bowling experience? 

As a tech, Stringpins have provided us a safer working environment and also made our job easier to maintain and operate the machines.