Bikes for Variety


As part of the Entertainment Division’s annual conference we wanted to incorporate a team building activity that reflected our Give Back objective and The Gift theme.  After liaising with Corporate Event Challenges we stumbled upon the Bikes for Tykes challenge.  During this three hour activity, our conference attendees were split into pre-arranged teams and had to complete a series of tasks and challenges in order to earn the pieces of their bike.  There were two hosts that guided the whole process and talked through each activity with the attendees.

Activities include: 

  • Introduction warm-ups
  • Word find – scrambled words were stuck all over the room upside down and any which way.  Each group had to find all words and unscramble them.
  • Logos – each team were given a series of logos on a printed sheet of paper, they had to write the name of the company that corresponds to the logo
  • Bike build – once they completed the tasks above, they were able to start building their bike. 

Once all pieces had been collected, they began to build the bike.  When the bike was fully built, each team brought their bike to a qualified mechanic who will look over the bike and report on any defects to the judges.  The bikes came in a range of difference sizes and colours for boys and girls alike and the first team to build their bike and had it approved were crowned champions for the day and awarded a ‘gold’ medal!

The best part was surprising the conference attendees by partnering with Variety Australia to donate the bikes to their organisation.  Variety Australia is a not-for-profit children’s charity that supports children and families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with a disability. Mick Garnett, CEO at Variety Australia was present at the conference and following the activity gave a short, but touching presentation about the company and announced that 14 disadvantaged children would benefit from the bikes built that day. 

Our teams showed true team spirit in this activity and worked hard together to achieve a very positive goal. With the looks of awe amongst our groups a sight to remember. The remainder of the conference was a buzz with talk about everyone’s creativity and was very much a highlight of the event.