Winning the mind games: How to psych out your bowling opponent


Let's face it - no matter how physical a sport can get, half the battle is won in the head.

The top sports stars know how to use mind games to psych out their opponents and gain an edge even before a ball is rolled.

So next time you're at your bowling work party and you're up against your boss, why not try some of these tricks to put them in their place?

Be confident

You might have heard stories of how humans can intimidate ferocious animals such as lions simply by standing tall, looking them in the eye and walking up to them.

There are few things that can put someone off more than a confident opponent. So pick the heaviest ball you can handle, give them your steeliest gaze and show them you mean business!

Get colourful

Did you know that even the colour of your clothes can have an impact on your opponents?

Red is traditionally associated with strong emotions and passion, and red clothing can unsettle and intimidate even the hardiest of opponents - so it might be a good idea to get your bowling league team decked out in red!

Get on their nerves

A great way to get on an opponent's nerves and impact their performance is by rubbing your success in their face.

Every time you get a strike, make sure you hold nothing back and bust out your best celebration, whether it be a solid punch in the air or your craziest dance moves.

Show you're a team

If you're bowling in teams, you can psych out your opponents by showing your great team spirit.

Get everyone dressed in the same uniforms, celebrate each strike and spare together and get behind your team members even if they make a mistake.

Ready to get psychological at your next bowling corporate party? Head down to a ZONE BOWLING and get those mind games rolling!