Why your kids should swap the cricket pitch for the bowling lane


The sad reality for kids across Australia is that the holidays are over and school is back in session. On the plus side, the sun is still out, which means they still get to play their favourite sports!

Some kids may not be content with traditional Aussie favourites such as cricket or rugby, however. If you feel your child needs a fresh challenge, why not suggest tenpin bowling?

Here are just three reasons why bowling is one of the best sports to take up!


One of the greatest things about bowling is that it can be enjoyed by practically anyone, regardless of age, gender or athletic ability.

The gentle and fun nature of the sport means that everyone can have a go, and it's one of the simplest games to master - simply pick up the ball and throw!

Even if your young one joins a bowling league, there's a handicap system in place to ensure he or she gets a fair chance to compete.


Think that simply throwing a ball isn't good physical exercise? Think again.

The health benefits of bowling have been well known for years, from muscle strengthening and conditioning to the substantial calories burned while walking.

Bowling also presents less physical dangers than other sports such as rugby. No one is going to come running at your kid to tackle them at the local ZONE BOWLING!

A year-round game

As an indoor sport, bowling can be enjoyed literally any time of the year and in any sort of weather condition. Unlike cricket or rugby, you won't have to pack up your gear for half the year!

Are you ready to challenge your kids to try out a new sport this year? Bring them down to ZONE BOWLING today for some team bowling action.